Basketball Manitoba has added 19 new items to its resource library.  The library currently boasts newarly 400 items pertaining to the development of basketball; including books, videos and DVD's.

New videos include:

  • The 2-3 Zone Offense

  • Basic Eight Defensive Drill

  • Team Defense

  • Coaching Man to Man Defense

  • Simplified Youth Defense

  • Applying and Attacking Pressure

  • Universal System of Attacking Presses

  • Installing the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense

  • The 4-Man Flex

  • Teaching Offensive Basketball

  • The Triple Post Offense

  • The Oak Hill Attacking Fastbreak

  • The Iowa Modified Flex Continuity Offense

New books include:

  • 101 Offensive Basketball Drills

  • The Coaches' Little Playbook

  • Basketball Joe

  • Basketball Dictionary in Pictures

  • Basketball for Everyone

  • The Pictorial History of Basketball

For a complete list of resources check out the resource section of our website.


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