Sport Manitoba will be
hosting a "Women in Sport One Day Conference" for all administers,
coaches, officials, volunteers, etc on Thursday, April 5th.  Two half
day seminars will be presented and in the evening all seminar
participants will receive tickets to the World Women's Hockey
Tournament Game featuring Canada vs Germany.

The morning session titled:  Creating Work Life Balance explores the need for balance in your busy life in sport, examines 10 key solutions to help you find and maintain balance and includes the sharing of hot tips and success stories.  The session also allows for networking opportunities among participants.

The afternoon session titled: Seeing the Invisible - Speaking about the unspoken  initiates discussion about homophobia in sport and explores the  longer term strategy to reduce homophobia in Canadian sport and make all sport a safe and welcoming environment.

Cost of the session:

Full day session: $30  includes lunch, nutritional snacks  and a ticket  to Team Canada's hockey game vs Germany.

Either half day session: $20 includes nutritional snack and a ticket to Team Canada's hockey game vs Germany

For further information please contact Shawnee at or 885-7400.

Registration forms will be coming out in February.


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