KidSport - Winnipeg today presented the Boys and Girls Clubs of
Winnipeg with a donation of $14,000 that will enable the
community-based youth agency to expand its SportsConnection Program.




“The goals of SportsConnection parallel those of KidSport to provide opportunities for those who otherwise are unable to participate and enjoy the benefits that sport offers,” said Amanda Daurie, Sport Manitoba Winnipeg Regional Manager. “We are pleased to enter into a partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs and support a program that will enhance sport experiences for economically disadvantaged youth in Winnipeg.”

Introduced as a pilot project in 2006, SportsConnection is an after-school program based out of Sister MacNamara Elementary School. The program introduces youth to sport activities, assists with their registration fees, helps youth make the transition from informal after school recreation to participating in organized sport programs with skills-based instruction and ongoing mentorship and supports youth who demonstrate promise, skills and commitment that will enable them to continue their participation at a higher level of development.

Last year over 400 youth participated in the SportsConnection program, of which 76 youth progressed into an organized sports program.

“The sports programs afforded by this donation have proven to be great vehicles for our members to learn about teamwork, leadership and work ethic,” said Ian Gerbrandt, Director of Programs for Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg. “We’ve seen boys and girls who have never played in a league or on a team, grow into little athletes who love their sport and demonstrate great attitudes on and off the playing field.”

KidSport is a national charity administered by Sport Manitoba designed to help economically disadvantaged kids participate in sport. In addition to providing individual funding assistance to offset the cost of registration fees, KidSport collects and distributes donated equipment for all sports.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg is a community-based, youth serving agency that provides a safe, supportive environment where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life. Over 3,000 children and youth from Winnipeg, predominately Aboriginal youth and children who are recent immigrants and refugees, participate in Boys and Girls Clubs activities and programs annually.


For more information, contact:

Amanda Daurie

Sport Manitoba

Winnipeg Region Manager




Ian Gerbrandt

Director of Programs

Boys and Girls Clubs of Winnipeg


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