Manitoba became the first province in Canada to implement the
Respect in Sport program to help ensure a safe and positive sport
environment for all participants. Coaches across the province who are
identified with a Provincial Sport Organization are the first to be
introduced to the mandatory initiative.

Respect in Sport“As leaders, coaches have a tremendous amount of influence over our athletes, especially youth and children,” said Sport Manitoba President & CEO Jeff Hnatiuk. “Respect in Sport provides them with an important educational tool that helps them contribute to a positive sport experience.”Respect in Sport is an on-line training course to assist coaches, regardless of their sport, in identifying and dealing with issues of abuse, neglect, harassment, and bullying. It is designed to complement current coaching certification requirements. This season Hockey Manitoba has made the program a requirement by replacing Hockey Canada’s Speak Out Program with Respect in Sport.

Former NHL player Sheldon Kennedy is championing Respect in Sport as its spokesperson. The initiative is fully endorsed by the Province of Manitoba.

“Sheldon is an active crusader in raising awareness of abuse and the negatives that can occur and we are pleased to support his efforts,” said Eric Robinson, Minister responsible for Sport. “We are being proactive in ensuring that a safe haven exists for sport participants and Manitoba is proud to be a leader in this respect.”The three-hour course can be taken at the coach’s leisure, in its entirety or in separate half-hour modules. Coaches will be required to complete the course by December 2007. There is no cost to the coach and the program will provide for recertification after the third and fifth year. Sport Manitoba and Provincial Sport Organizations will monitor the participation of coaches.

{styleboxop}Future plans include development and implementation of a Respect in Sport program geared toward parents.(/styleboxop}

Basketball Manitoba is
officially endorsing and adopting this program and will to be making
this a mandatory component for our coaches to complete in order to
participate in our programs.  These will include those at the
Provincial Team, Centre for Perfomance, Todd MacCulloch Hoops School,
Spring Provincial Championships, Junior High Invitational Tournament,
and our member associations including the WMBA, WAAY, Lipenos and club
teams.  It will also be tied into our NCCP and other coaches clinic. 
The timelines on this implementation will be announced shortly.

Respect in Sport is available in both English and French and can be accessed through the Sport Manitoba website at

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