The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Manitoba (HSFM) is looking for Manitoba schools who may be interested in bringing in the 'Hoops For Heart' program as an innovative basketball fundraising option for their students.

Basketball Manitoba is a proud partner of the HSFM's 'Hoops for Heart'
Program!  Hoops for Heart is a program that gets students out of their
seats to sink baskets for a good cause. Students can earn prizes,
schools can earn valuable resources and the Heart and Stroke Foundation
of Manitoba raises funds to continue research into heart disease and

Geared to students aged 11 to 14, Hoops for
Heart teaches kids that an active heart is a healthy heart. With an
emphasis on flexibility and fun, the program can be tailored to the
needs of your school and students while getting everyone active.


  • Hoops for Heart


  • teaches students, parents and teachers about heart health living
    through curriculum approved lesson plans, and class and family

  • Raises funds to make significant contributions towards research
    and health promotion against the leading cause of death in Canada for
    men and women.

  • Gives back to schools by providing needed health material and valuable
    school resources through the HeartSmart™ Points program. 

If you would like further information on the Hoops for Heart
program, please contact the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba at
(204) 949-2000 (toll-free at 1-888-473-4636) or on their web site at or

You can also find an application form to get the Hoops for Heart program running in your school by CLICKING HERE .
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