Coaching Manitoba has relased details on its annual Super Seminar for Coaches.  The event will run Saturday November 18 at CFB 17 Wing Winnipeg.



In Sport"
presented by Sheldon

(former NHL player and active crusader in raising awareness of abuse)


Informed Decision Making/Drug

Presented by Diane Gregoire

A simple model based upon informed consent concept and decision analysis
will be provided to assist coaches in helping athletes and parents make
decisions about banned substances, about non-banned supplements and vitamins,
and illicit drugs. This seminar will also update coaches on the latest
in doping issues such as marijuana.

Dynamic Warm Up and Flexibility for Sport

Presented by Kari Schneider, CAT(C), PFLC, CSCS

Learn how to teach a dynamic warm up to your athletes and why it is so
important to ready them for their sporting movements. Discover when flexibility
training should be done and why some stretches are more effective than
others. How long should you expect your athletes to stretch and is yoga
or pilates useful? Find out the answers to these questions and discover
what can get the most from your nervous system and muscles.

Body Image in Boys and Girls

Presented by Dr. Dean Kriellaars, PHD

What is my role? And what can I do to provide a positive environment where
a healthy body image can exist in the context of striving for performance
where body composition (fat mass, muscle mass and bone mass) are indicators
of performance. This seminar will provide current research on youth body
image and body composition issues including statistics on current trends,
disorders and associated warning signs, common misconceptions, especially
as it relates to nutrition, and special issues related to athletes. This
seminar will address what is and should be modified - the body image or
the body.

Run, Jump and Throw

Presented by
Athletics Manitoba

Running, jumping and throwing are fundamental movement patterns that are
prerequisite motor skills for most physical activities. This nationally
recognized grassroots development program helps create a favourable learning
environment by introducing fun games and activities that help children
learn the basic technical elements of track and field.

The Coaching Manitoba clinic on November 18 will be instructed by a Master
Learning Facilitator and give hands-on exposure to the program by learning
a lesson from each of the basic disciplines of running, jumping and throwing.

Making Ethical Decisions

Presented by Coaching

Making ethical decisions is included in the Introduction to Competition A
curriculum and helps coaches work toward applying a decision-making framework
to coaching situations keeping in mind values and ethics. The course can
be completed on-line, or in a classroom format. It incorporates the Code
of Ethics of the National Coaching Certification Program and expected standards
of behaviour for coaches trained and certified in the NCCP.

Parenting in Sport

Presented by David Telles-Langdon, MED, CHPC/Wayne NcNeil

Dealing with Sport Parents!

When little ones first show a will to compete, it's hard for the parents
not to jump in with both feet!

An interactive, discussion-based seminar to help coaches recognize a variety
of inappropriate sport parenting styles and specific strategies aimed at
mediating the negative impact on the athletes.

Registration: $50.00 for the day (includes lunch) or $5.00 for the keynote
session. Please click here for a registration

Nominate a volunteer for the Investor’s Group Sport Administrator
Award. Please click here for a nomination

For more information please contact Coaching Manitoba at (204)
925-5692 or Toll Free Number 1-888-887-7307.

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