1. Remember why you rented.  Don’t focus entirely on the specific item you are looking for.  Once you have got what you are looking for (specific drill or skill), watch the rest of the tape.  If you have time, watch the entire video twice.  When you’re seeing things for the first time, you tend to miss out on the details the coach has to offer.  The coaches on the tapes offer different insight and tips that can be valuable to your program.  Remember that you have the video for seven days.

  2. Don’t rent too many videos at once.  It is recommended to only rent 3 or 4 videos at a time.  You only have a week to view the videos and if you rush through them, you won’t get as much as you can out of them!  If you have an evening off this week, come down and pick out a few videos!

  3. Take “action notes”.  Taking notes helps you concentrate and organize your thoughts.  Use full advantage of your “pause” and “rewind” buttons on your VCR.  Some of the coaches speak quite fast and some of the terms may slip by.  Review your notes at the end of each tape.

  4. Relate what you learn to yourself.  Don’t settle for “abstract knowledge”.  Keep your current issues of your program in mind.  As you learn new drills and skills, ask yourself, “How does this apply to my team or coaching philosophy?”  That way, you’re far more likely to act on what you have learned!

  5. Eliminate all distractions.  Stay focused on the task at hand.  View the videos at a time that you know you won’t have any distractions (phone calls, visitors, etc.).  Each video in this catalog has the length of the video in minutes listed beside the video title.  Set aside that time plus 10 minutes for you to review what you have learned.

  6. Use a variety of sources.   These videos and the ideas presented shouldn’t be your only source for your coaching knowledge.  Most subjects covered in this library have more than one tape to offer, take out as wide of a variety as you can.  Don’t take what is presented as the only way to approach a topic or idea.   Take a variety of clinics and get a hold of some basketball instructional books.  The wider the range of information you can gather, the better off your program and personal coaching philosophy will be!

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