Canada Basketball is the National Sporting Organization for the sport of Basketball in Canada. Canada Basketball is respected throughout the world and is recognized by the International Amateur Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the Government of Canada as the sole governing body of the sport of amateur basketball in Canada.


Canada Basketball represents all basketball interests, provides
leadership, coordination and direction in all areas of the sport of
basketball. Canada Basketball is a non-for-profit organization run
under a sound business model by a volunteer board of directors and has
10 full-time professional staff members to run the affairs of the

Canada Basketball is made of several member associations in five
categories. The structure includes the following four levels of members:

1. Active Members

  • Provincial and Territorial Associations

  • Canada Basketball Board of Directors

2. Associate Members

3. Affiliate Members

  • Women’s Basketball Coaches Association

  • National Association of Basketball Coaches of Canada

  • Toronto Raptors

4. Non-Voting Members

For more information on Canada Basketball and its programs, please contact them directly...

Canada Basketball

1 Westside Drive, Suite 11

Toronto, Ontario

M9C 1B2

Main Phone: (416) 614-8037

Main Fax: (416) 614-9570


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