Basketball Manitoba, Sport Manitoba and Todd MacCulloch are excited to announce plans for the 21st runnings of the Todd MacCulloch Hoop School Program fall session to inner-city children.  The TMHS is a program designed to teach basketball fundamentals to children of inner-city Winnipeg schools and is open to 5 schools from the Winnipeg 1 School Division that host Grade 5-9 students.  If your school is interested in hosting this program...

This program is designed to teach basic basketball skills to inner-city youth (ages 12-14) in a basketball camp format.  It should be viewed as a blueprint for developing a well-rounded basketball player.  There will be eight  90 minute teaching sessions, over a 3 month period.  At the conclusion of the 8 weeks, a “Jamboree” will take place where participants can put the skills they develop to use in games and contests in front of family and friends. 

The teaching sessions will progress from individual skills, such as dribbling and passing, to team skills, such as to give and go’s and help-side defence.  Individual skills will be introduced at the beginning of the program and will be built upon throughout the 8 weeks.  For example, one session will introduce pivots, which will be reinforced during a session on individual offensive moves. The fundamentals that will be taught and the progression in which they are done will allow players to develop a solid base of skills in all phases of the game.  At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to play anywhere, whether it is on the playground or with their school teams.  They will have individual skills that will contribute to the success of any team they are apart of.

This program will not only benefit the participants.  The coaches of the inner city youth that this program is designed for will be present during the teaching sessions. Therefore they will develop an understanding of the fundamentals that are important for players to learn.  They will work with the instructors, so they become comfortable in how the information should be presented to their players.  This will allow these coaches to coach any player that comes to their program by being able to provide them with the basic skills of basketball.

The program is completely funded by Todd MacCulloch and the Sport Manitoba Bi-Lateral Program and was written by Garth McAlpine of Winnipeg.

This program will positively affect the lives of the participants and the future of basketball in Manitoba.

Participants & Timelines
  • Participants in grade 5,6, 7, 8, 9 
  • 24 girls and 24 boys.
  • Each group requires eight 90 minute time slots between April and June.  It is preferred that 1 group goes right after the other on one night for a 3-hour block.
  • Dates of the sessions are at the discretion of the school in consultation with the head coach provided by Basketball Manitoba
    The Program will provide:
    • 1 head coach - if the school cannot appoint one
    • Lesson plans for each session to be left with the school
    • T-shirts for all participants
    • Basketballs for all participants
    • Coaching attire for all coaches
    Participating Schools to provide:
    • Facility and selection of the dates in partnership with the Head Coach
    • 2 assistant coaches to attend ALL sessions
    • Selection of the athletes
    To have your school considered for the program, please contact Jillian Kehler.  Please indicate a head contact name for your school and a brief outline as to why your school is interested as well as the number of students the program would reach.  Deadline for application is Friday, March 20th, 2020.

    Jillian Kehler - Program Coordinator
    Phone: 204.925.5775

    For general information on the TMHS, go to
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