Northstar Sports Foundation has announced their new initiative, the "Love of the Game" summer camp series.

This program will focus on the introduction of basic fundamental basketball principles to boys and girls ages 5 through 8 through engaging children's games that teach simple concepts in a fun way. While we will ensure that skills are learned and effort is given, this is a non-competitive camp and is intended for beginners who want to learn and experience the game at their own pace. Our goal is instill a love of our great game in every child who attends, whether they decide to pick up the game as a player or a fan!

Camps will run 3 days a week across 3 weeks, for a total of 9 sessions. They will run through July and August (with a start date of July 8 planned), and each session will last for 3 hours. Each session will focus on the introduction of a different skill or concept. At the end of each session, the participants will get the opportunity to implement the skills they've learned in friendly practice.
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The cost for this camp is $300.00, and this includes the following:
  • 27 hours of learning and supervision 
  • "Love of the Game" T-shirt
  • "Northstar" Water Bottle
  • Parent-friendly amenities (safe-play area for toddlers)

Please contact for more information.
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