The Triumph Basketball Club has announced they will be hosting tryouts on August 17 & 18, 2018, at the University of Winnipeg Duckworth Center to identify players to be added to the rosters for the 2018/2019 season. As a program focused on development, they are looking for players who will fit the team culture based on respect, hard work and accountability. The players are provided with excellent opportunities to train & compete: locally in league and exhibition play, on the AAU circuit, and in high-level grassroots tournaments around Canada and the USA. Our players understand that these opportunities are earned, not guaranteed, and this year, Triumph will have teams representing the following age groups:

Underclassmen – 13U/14U (2005/2006) - NEW TEAM
Coordinator: D. Nepon (@davidnepon)
Assistant: N. Naseri (@nadernaseri_)

Freshmen – 15U (2004)
Coordinator: B. Kankam
Assistant: D. Nepon (@davidnepon)

Junior Varsity – 16U (2003) - NEW TEAM, NEW COACH
Coordinator: D. Leonard (@daronracharleonard)

Varsity – 17U/18U (2002/2001)
Coordinator: D. Leonard (@daronracharleonard)
Assistant: S. Wesley (@whereiswesley8)

  • Tryouts for ALL age groups will begin at 6:00 pm on Friday August 17th, and go until 9:00 pm (3 hours).
  • Additionally, a second session will begin at 12:00 pm on Saturday August 18th, and go until 2:00 pm (2 hours).
  • (As we are using the entire facility, courts will be assigned based on the attendance of each age group.)
  • If selected, players will have 24 hours to accept the their position and submit their player information package.
  • There will be a mandatory meeting with parents on Monday August 20th, 2018, to discuss the upcoming season.
  • (Time and location of the meeting will be provided by email to the parents of the players selected)

For additional information, the following resources are available, including information on our coaches:

Website (NEW):
Instagram: Triumph_204
Twitter: Triumph_204
Facebook: Triumph Basketball (@TriumphBasketball204)
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