The newly forming Northstar Preparatory Institute have announced they will be hosting an open house at Windsor Park Collegiate from 6:00 - 8:00 pm on Wednesday May 3rd, and is free of charge to attend.  More details and updates from the group include...


We have decided to host this open house, and to make it a free event, for several reasons, but specifically because:

  1. This is a brand new endeavour in Manitoba that has the opportunity to strengthen and support the basketball community as a whole.
  2. As with anything new, there is either a lack of information, or perhaps misinformation about what this is and how it works.

  • We strongly encourage interested parents to attend; this will be both an information session and an open Q&A session for parents. Take-home literature will be provided.
  • Athletes will be given information about the program and will have an opportunity to go through skills & competition throughout the session.
  • We will be collecting contact information from all interested participants to schedule workouts and interviews, which are very important in our selection process.
  • Candidates for scholarships and/or subsidies will also be identified through this process, and we will be announcing finalists for these awards at the end of May.

While we are only recruiting players for next year that are Grade 10+ for the upcoming year, we also encourage younger athletes and their parents to attend for consideration in future seasons.
We would request that registration/RSVP is completed in advance, which can be done at: 

Information and updates are also available on social media:

  • Twitter: @NorthstarPrep
  • Instagram: NorthstarPrep
  • Facebook: Northstar Preparatory Institute

Additional information the program can be found on its website at


The above is provided to the basketball community as information only.  The Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors has yet to provide any form of approval or sanctioning on its status as it is still very new and in its early stages of formation.
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