The following is provided to the basketball community as information only.  The Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors has yet to meet on this new 3rd party initiative to provide any form of approval or sanctioning on its status as it is still very new and in its early stages of formation.


Over the past several years, the emergence of elite private high school sports programs, also known as “Prep Schools”, has become commonplace throughout North America. These programs benefit their athletes by providing daily intensified and focused training for its athletes on a specific sport, accelerating their development. The concept itself is simple – recruit talent for a team, travel to major events, gain exposure for the athletes, and prepare the athletes for college life, both athletically and academically. These programs also allow the opportunity for prospective college athletes to “reclassify”, spending an additional year developing their skills while either upgrading courses for eligibility purposes, or simply to gain more exposure towards an opportunity for a college scholarship.

It goes without saying that these programs have great appeal to young athletes with aspirations of competing at the college and university level. At this time, and as we begin a new year contemplating new possibilities, we are proud to announce the founding of Winnipeg’s own basketball prep school, Northstar Preparatory Institute.

Our primary mandate is to work in tandem with Basketball Manitoba and MHSAA to raise the profile of amateur basketball in Manitoba, and to provide opportunities to our homegrown talent that might otherwise require them to leave for warmer climates down south. While we will undoubtedly seek out talent to make the program truly elite, we intend to prioritize recruitment of our players from within the Province. There is a strong, vibrant and diverse basketball community in Manitoba that reflects the people of this Province, and we strive to make this program an extension of that community.
We will reveal more details in the very near future, including our host school and division, upcoming ID sessions, application process, board of directors, advisors and contributors.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us by e-mail:


Additional information can be found at

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