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    January 2, 2013

    Winnipeg Elites Basketball Club

    Contact: Spencer Harrison
    Description: Club (Boys ages 14-17)
    City/Region: Winnipeg

    Grade 9 Boys (2001), Grade 10 Boys (2000) and Varsity Developmental (1988/1999)

    Welcome to Winnipeg Elites Basketball. We were encouraged to start this program for many reasons. Mainly, because countless hours were spent doing individual skill sessions with a variety of age groups from youth in the middle years to college athletes. This program allows us the opportunity to focus our efforts in passing on our basketball knowledge. We are currently in our third year of operation.

    Our focus and goal will be to teach skills and fundamentals while any games that are played will give the athletes an outlet to practice and work on those skills in a competitive setting. This ideally resulting in a strong team performance. Our hope is that the kids are given an extended camp experience where they are constantly learning throughout the season and into the summer.

    NO player should ever feel that they know everything. They should always be challenged to get better regardless of how good they may be or good they think they are to be. This can be said by coaches as well. We will not claim to know it all. However, we will say that we are constantly pushing ourselves and one another to learn more about the game of basketball.

     Our coaching staff is ready and focused to meet our goals of assuring that every one of our players has the proper fundamentals to build their game around. The Winnipeg Elites is more of a program than a traditional basketball team. Our goal is to make sure all of our players have the proper fundamentals in shooting, passing, dribbling, footwork and most importantly, hope that they gain a higher basketball IQ. After that is established we will be focusing on individual weaknesses and building on strengths. A successful year for us will be if our athletes feel they have developed their individual game, strengthened their main weaknesses and most importantly, had fun. This does not mean we will not focus on team play. Rather, we will focus on executing within a team setting and using those skills toward winning the game. We look forward to parent support at all our games, practices and tournaments and for extra support to ensure that all our athletes have rides to practices, games and tournaments.
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