Manitoba-Drive-Logo.pngThe newly formed Manitoba Drive Basketball Team will be hosting an open Men's Basketball Tournament on 3 weekends in December for teams in the ages 17-40 range at the Manitoba Basketball Centre, 1010 Logan Avenue in Winnipeg.  Manitoba Drive is a group of current and ex basketball players from throughout North America that will be scouting talent through a series identification opportunities in the Winnipeg area for male talent ranging from ages 17 – 40.  For details...

There will be a 3 week tournament series hosted by Manitoba Drive in the month of December 2012.  Ultimately, these events will be an opportunity for players to be scouted and recruited to play for the Manitoba Drive organization.

The mission is where the Drive team travels somewhere in the city of Winnipeg and typically gets involved in a local game against any organization that challenges Manitoba Drive for a fundraising cause and awareness through the power of sport entertainment.


Phase 1

Sunday December 9th 2012

Round 1

(Wheelies) 1010 Logan Ave.

  • Thanks to Manitoba Drive the city of Winnipeg now has another gym space. The Manitoba Basketball Centre is the Province of Manitoba's premier organized pick up basketball membership club locate at 1010 Logan Avenue. 

  • On Sunday December 9th there will be open house tournament hosted for age group 17 / 40 year old men’s team from any league. 

  • Registration fee per team is $175 and teams are guaranteed 3 games.

  • Maximum of 16 teams sought


Phase 2

Saturday December 15th 2012

Round 2 


  • Players Sports Bar 2184 Mc Phillips St.

  • Fund Raising Dinner and Social (open to public) Come out and support the Manitoba basketball community.

  • Tickets are $10 and includes entrance, dinner & 5 tickets for social prizes to be drawn at the end of the evening.

  • Doors open 9pm and close at 2am

  • Get your tickets now!!!

Fundraising events through the Manitoba Drive programs ensures sound skill development on which each successive level of basketball can build great networking opportunity.



Phase 3

Saturday December 23rd 2012

(Wheelies) 1010 Logan Ave.

Round 3 / Finals

  • Manitoba Drive wants to see what Winnipeg has to offer for male talent ranging from ages 17 – 40.

  • This 3 week tournament series will be the final player identification opportunity…. Don’t miss out.


To register, email your team name, contact information and age range of your team to

All teams will be required to complete and submit a Basketball Manitoba Team Registration Form before the first tournament.   


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