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    March 6, 2017

    Northstar Prep Announces ID Camps and Updates for Spring 2017

    The newly forming Northstar Preparatory Institute (NPI) has announced their initial details on a set of ID Camps they will be hosting this spring in Winnipeg.  NPI is a non-profit organization that is the first elite basketball academy in Manitoba. The program aims to develop elite basketball student athletes while supporting and guiding them as they achieve their ultimate goals in basketball, academics and life.  The program is also seeking local people to get involved in its coaching staff.

    Other updates from the organization include...

    General Operations:
    • The program is a Manitoba registered Non-Profit Organization that will be hosted by Windsor Park Collegiate (WPC), part of the Louis Riel School Division, including use of the WPC facilities for occasional practices & games. Other practice locations will include St. Boniface University and the University of Manitoba.
    • Any reclassifying/graduate athletes will supplement their academic curriculum with SAT/ACT prep courses and upgrades with the Adult Education Center. SAT/ACT exams will be scheduled throughout the year.
    • The prep team will NOT compete in the MHSAA, and the schedule will be heavily travel-based. The majority of our competition will consist of tournaments and circuit sessions throughout Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. Additional travel to the southern states (AZ, TX, CA) and Ontario will be part of the experience.
    • The physical development components will be coordinated by the Director of Strength & Conditioning. The locations for holistic training (weights, plyometrics, yoga, etc.) will vary, and will be at the discretion of the aforementioned director.
    Traditional Prep School Model:
    • Independent sports team that operates out of a private school, using their academic curriculum and facilities
    • Private funding to the host school allows for flexibility in the cost of non-resident students, and the administration allows for flexibility in recruiting; recruits can be brought in from anywhere in the world with little impact to overall cost
    • Typical to have unofficial affiliations to private donors (including individuals and institutions), which can complicate the recruiting process of athletes to post-secondary institutions not affiliated
    • Average cost of enrollment for a prep school program is $17,000.00 USD
    Northstar Prep School Model:
    • Independent sports team that operates out of public school, using their academic curriculum and partial use of facilities
    • Public funding significantly impacts fees for non-resident students, placing the focus on recruiting and developing domestic talent; athletes coming from non-Manitoba tax paying families will have increased costs, whereas international students will have extremely increased costs.
    • There is no affiliation to, or funding from, any post-secondary institution. While we have several members on our advisory board who have their own affiliations to post-secondary institutions, their involvement with NPI is due to their value independent of said affiliations.
    • Anticipated cost of enrollment for NPI is $12,000.00 CAD (this figure is preliminary, and subject to change)
    • We will be fielding two (2) teams: Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls with a roster of ten (10) per team
    • We will be considering an additional three (3) redshirt/practice players per team on a subscription basis, who will have access to all practices, and the majority of training and development sessions, but without being able to travel/participate in games.
    • While we will consider underclassmen for the program (Grade 9/Freshman or Grade 10/Sophomore), we must advise that it is unlikely that we will be able to accept enrollment of athletes at that age. It is extremely rare for an athlete at that age to be physically prepared for this level of play until their varsity years.
    • Players will be provided with individualized nutrition, strength, and basketball skill development plans. Additionally, players will be assigned playbooks and video for review.
    • We are currently reviewing applications for coaching positions (see below)
    • All coaches will require NCCP certification
    • We intend on making personnel decisions before the end of March
    • The positions listed require flexibility
    Identification & Exposure:
    • The primary purpose of this program is development, with a very close secondary purpose of exposure
    • The unfortunate reality is that Winnipeg is not yet a destination for many (if any) post-secondary programs to come and scout talent; we are relatively remote, and the great majority of players who have moved on have been identified in competition in the South.
    • We hope to become a reason for representatives of these post-secondary institutions to more consistently make the trip to Winnipeg.
    • For this reason, we will be hosting two weekends at the beginning of April to give players an opportunity to compete in front of coaches that will be coming in from around North America
    • Aside from these sessions offering outstanding tutelage from some very highly regarded coaches at the University level, there will also be a scholarship awarded to the overall MVP for the inaugural season of NPI.
    • The cost to attend these back-to-back weekend sessions will be $350.00 CAN
    • Registration for the ID sessions opens online (March 6, 2017) at 8:00PM at: 

    Northstar Prep is also has a number of opportunities to get involved in its program as part of its coaching staff.  Details can be found below or at this LINK.  

    Any additional questions can be directed to:
    We will also be sending out bi-weekly updates to our mailing list starting on March 10th, 2017.

    Additional information the program can be found on its website at


    The above is provided to the basketball community as information only.  The Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors has yet to provide any form of approval or sanctioning on its status as it is still very new and in its early stages of formation.
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