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    August 31, 2013

    Junior High Basketball Championships Rules

    The tournament rules will played under current FIBA rules with MHSAA administrative guidelines.
    1. Games are to be played with four (4), eight (8) minute periods, stopped time with an overtime period, if necessary, of four (4) minutes.  Half times will be ten (10) minutes in length (unless the tournament is running behind schedule the host may shorten this at their discretion).
    2. Teams will be given a “grace period” of five (5) minutes to field a team of five players.  Teams that do not field a team within the grace period will default the game (lose) to the opposing team.  The “official game time” will be that of the tournament organizer on site.
    3. In keeping with the “spirit of the game,” we ask coaches to play man-to-man at all times.  No zones, zone presses or match-ups of any kind are permitted.  Man-to-man does allow “help” or double-teaming on the ball at anytime therefore you may double-team the ball.  Defenses can rotate to address any traps or double teams but must still guard a player, not a place on the floor.  Teams cannot triple-team the ball.  (You cannot double or triple team a player without the ball as that is a zone).  No “clear-out” offenses are to be used to isolate a player and test the boundaries of the rules.  Referees are asked to review this point in their pregame conference with the head coaches and captains. 
    4. Teams will be allowed to full-court press the entire game up to a 15-point advantage.
    5. The size 6 (28.5) regulation size basketball will be used at the Junior Boys, Junior Girls and Senior Girls with the size 7 regulation sized basketball used at the Senior Boys levels throughout the tournament.  The Wilson Evolution basketball will be the official game ball of the JHBC.
    6. The free throw line will be at regulation length for all Junior Boys, Senior Boys and Senior Girls levels (15 feet).  The Junior Girls will shoot from the line marked at 13 feet from the basket (2 feet in).
    7. The marked 3-point line will be used in ALL levels of the tournament including the Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Junior Boys and Junior Girls
    8. A 30-second shot clock with a 10 second backcourt line will be used at the ALL levels of the tournament including the Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Junior Boys and Junior Girls. 
    9. There is to be no “dunking” either in warm-up or during the game.
    10. Inappropriate actions or behavior of both player and / or coach will not be tolerated.  The decisions of Tournament Officials and Organizers are final.
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